Parti Ponty

@GARTHOLWG 10am - 4pm

@Clwb-y-Bont 5pm-11pm


A Welsh festival for all - Music | Live Welsh Bands | School Performances | Local groups | Family entertainment | Stalls | Crafts | Workshops | Science | Sports | Art | Learning Welsh | Guest Speakers | ...

Main event @ Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre, Church Village - Pontypridd.
Evening event at Clwb-y-Bont, Pontypridd
Further dates in Porth, Aberdare & Treorchy.

@Gartholwg 13.07.19

Once again, some of Wales' top artists will be performing live at Parti Ponty. There will also be a host of activities, local groups and new bands. - ELIN FFLUR - MEI GWYNEDD - MARI MATHIAS - BWCA - GERAINT MARTYN - Mewn Cymeriad - Take Part Stage - Speakers Corner - Activities - Technocamps - Urdd - Citrus Arts - Artis Community - Stalls - and more.

Gig Nos Sadwrn / Saturday Evening

After the day's activities, come along to Clwb y Bont, Pontypridd, to see some of 2019's most popular Welsh language young bands. - GWILYM - ALFFA - Glain Rhys - Denielle Lewis - Aelwyd y Rhondda - Bandiau Mei - 17:00 – 23:00 - £3.

Multiple Venues and Dates

The main event will be at Gartholwg on Saturday the 13th of July, followed by an evening event at Clwb-y-Bont, Pontypridd. Further events will take place - @Porth on Saturday the 2nd of August, @Treorci on Saturday the 14th of September and @Aberdare on Friday the 11th of October. Keep up with the latest on Facebook & Twitter.